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Europa Futures Program Schedule 24-25: Birth Year 2018

For the 2024 /25 season, TEYSA/FC Europa will be rolling out a new program of provision for U7s (2018 birth year). The new program sees three distinct Player Development sessions that accompany the TEYSA fall IM program and offer professional coaching to ease players towards the U8 academy the following year.

Futures Fall 2024 - Cost $200

  • Outdoor sessions at Wilson Farm Park
  • 8 weeks training with professional coaching staff
  • Emphasis on foot work and ball striking led by the Director of Soccer and FCE staff coaches

Futures Winter 2024/25 - Cost $200

  • Indoor sessions at TSX
  • Exclusive to Europa Futures players
  • Accelerated ball skills and technical proficiency

Futures Spring 2025 - Cost $100

  • Outdoor sessions at DVFS turf
  • 4 week program prep for academy tryouts
  • Enhanced technical skills

In order to be eligible for the programs listed, players must be registered within the TEYSA fall IM 2024 program, as it is designed to compliment the activities provided within the recreational program.

2018 birth year players are allowed to try out with their 2017 counterparts for the U8 academy but will only be granted a "play up" exception if they are placed in the the top team of that age group.